Is there Open Source Library to Convert PDF to Word And Vice Versa?

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Is there open source library to convert PDF to Word and vice versa?

I mean do the Google search but I doubt it. Both formats are nontrivial; further, the PDF to Word direction is very difficult and may not even be totally possible in all cases — without rasterizing pieces of the PDF anyway. Libraries that can do anything with Word documents (.doc and .docx files) tend to be commercial. For example, I recommend the commercial suite of libraries called Aspose for C# and Java that will do the .doc/.docx - PDF conversion in both directions.

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Convert PDF: All You Need to Know

What about Microsoft Word? Word, itself doesn't natively support .pdf files, either. The .docx format is used on the Windows and OS X operating systems. If you're looking at documents that come into your organization using these operating systems (or Word 2007 on Windows XP with a PDF reader), you should be able to convert them to PDF using the Office Tools for Office .pdf file format, and you'll probably be able to create the PDF from your files using the native Microsoft program. The .pdf format is not native to any operating system. The only programs that can manipulate this file format tend to be specialized PDF conversion tools specifically designed for converting PDFs. What are the downsides to using PDF versus .docx files? The .pdf file has a higher file size and a lot more formatting restrictions (see below). Also, the .pdf is an Open Document Format (.ODT format .pdf extension),.