How Do I Convert a PDF to a Word Document for Mac?

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How do I convert a PDF to a Word document for Mac?

For many other reasons I use Neo Office instead of Microsoft Office. It's a free open source suite of programs from Sun Microsystems that does everything Office can and more. It reads and writes all the office file formats including the older ones from a time when Mac PowerPoint files were not compatible with PC PowerPoint files.... You get the idea. But one feature I rarely see mentioned is the extremely robust PDF export. So you can open a native .doc file (maintaining all the Microsoft formatting) and then export as a PDF with complete security, font, compression, and versioning control, none of which the generic printer PDF export does. The latest port is always at

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Convert PDF: All You Need to Know

And then after you export it back as a PDF, there is a very useful feature to create a .xls. It is an Excel worksheet, and it just happens to read PDFs. It's called “Create Portable .xls” (or .LA) and it is part of the open source (and cross-platform) Open Office Suite. It seems unlikely that the PDF Export function of Office is now dead, and I don't imagine Microsoft Office will ever offer it again. I am curious to see what Microsoft will do to try to bring it back, since it is a core part of their product and one is the basis for many good features. In the meantime, if you have a PDF file in Windows and cannot export it to PDF (or use it in Office), you should install Sun Office PDF Converter 6.0 from this webpage and install it. The original PDF.