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Thank you for viewing this tutorial today we're going to cover the topic of pdf content reusability in indesign presenting various techniques and solutions as we know the creative cloud platform offers tools such as acrobat and illustrator when it comes to working with a pdf file both of these products allow you to manipulate and modify pdf files directly now that being said when it comes to indesign we can place a pdf file document easily however recovering the data or converting an entire pdf file into an indesign file type is a completely different story so let's get right into it so as you can see here we have the pdf file open in acrobat and we want to convert this into indesign now the three options that we can choose from the very first option being the universal copy and paste method it's very simple you select text hit on copy then you open indesign and you click on paste as you can see it works however all the formatting is gone now option number two would be exporting the pdf file to word using acrobat and then placing that word document into indesign so as you can see we have opened up this pdf file and we're going to export it into a word document we're going to click on save and now we're going to place we could open up indesign sorry and we're gonna place this word document into indesign may take a few seconds and as you can see it works however again a lot of the formatting is gone and indesign works well with just more than just rgb colors it works with lab colors and cmyk colors and as you can see both those color schemes are gone now the last option and the best option would be used would be to use the pdf to id plugin and this plugin converts a pdf directly to editable indesign file making all elements live and producing a highly structured document now in order to use this you click on the microsoft tab then click on pdf to id convert file pdr convert pdf file you click on this and click on open and pdf2id inspects and validates the fonts using the pdf and you can as you can see this options page shows up and we're going to be clicking on ok it may take a few seconds and as you can see the pdf is converted to a well-structured indesign document with all elements live and editable now depending on your requirements the copy and paste technique or converting to word using acrobat may work for you with that being said the pdf2id offers the most direct and seamless path in getting the pdf content into indesign enhancing workflow automation 1 00:00:00,80 -- 00:00:04,799 thank you for viewing this tutorial 2 00:00:02,879 -- 00:00:08,320 today we're going to cover the topic 3 00:00:04,799 -- 00:00:09,839 of pdf content ...